In 2018, correspondents from all five continents – the United States, South America, North America, Australia, the European Union, the Eurasian Union Republics, Indochina and Japan, the Balkan Peninsula – Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey; Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, France, Great Britain, Belgium and Luxembourg, Scandinavia and Finland, Switzerland and Monaco; Belarus and Moldova, Besarabia, others.

Who is interested in the program scheme?

Restrictions on the use of native language – none. Correspondents shall be given access to the media on ARHEA-ORG.EU/ARM radio and television. Correspondents are given access to the site of ARHEA-ORG.EU for themed art from all over the world – a restriction on the use of mother tongue – none.

If desired, on the part of correspondents around the world (without any limitation on the use of mother tongue), they are sent to them for configuration of TV and radio servers on the Internet.

When using the television network, their correspondents are provided with two free encoders (here for download) that will allow them to broadcast TV and video signals in Ustream / Livestream / Youtube or Facebook on a TV screen for Ustream or Livestream, on screen for Youtube and Facebook; it is preferable for the broadcast to be performed on the servers of Ustream as most suitable for quality. For the quality of the television signal, the correspondents respond (the server of Ustream broadcasts with relatively good quality as well as resolution). For the content of the television signal, the correspondents are responsible – it is preferred without political, religious and religious beliefs.

If you wish to broadcast through ARHEA-ORG.EU/ARM a radio signal, the correspondents will be provided with information about the encoder and the settings that will be sent to it.

The place to listen to the broadcast signal is ARHEA-ORG.EU/ARM as well as through any reference at

The broadcasting is done after agreement between the parties, the main radio program being interrupted (indefinitely) with the correspondence’s continued broadcasting.

The correspondent is responsible for the content of the broadcast signal. For the quality of the broadcast signal, both parties are responsible – the minimum frequency for musical performances – 96 kiloherts, and for sound and news broadcasts the frequency is at least 32 kiloherts. The maximum is to not load users with Internet traffic is – 128 kilohertz, even with the possibility of broadcasting with a frequency of 320 kiloherts, explained why.

The basic frequency of the radio station is 96 kiloherts, in order not to burden users with Internet traffic. Upon their request, the quote can be upgraded for a certain period of time or when new music is broadcast, with the aim of downloading the music for personal use and of good quality.

For the purpose described above, future colleagues will be able to send a short letter to

After sending an email after reviewing it by a colleague, a link (in one way or another) will be established – as the correspondent expects to communicate with us.


It is planned to include thematic moderators to the site of ARHEA-ORG.EU

Moderators will be able to use the platform (which is archived episodically and stored outside the Internet) for themes that represent the life of their environment.

Looking for page moderators on Facebook, namely: ARMEDIA  ARHEA


The internal, voicemail correspondence between colleagues is through a communicator that works on an Android or personal computer system. The customer is – ARHEA-ORG – located in the client network

Media channels are „LIVE“ („НА ЖИВО„) and „ПОМОЩ BG RESCUE“


Content. On radio and television servers. The content of the broadcast is desirable, it does not affect communities, political issues and those that are negative.

Video encoder images are illustrative – they do not have the correct information and are only for visualization of them.

The images of the radio encoder are for visual illustration.


By including correspondents as radio station customers or by direct broadcasting a radio / video signal.

– for sharing information -> from the world -> to the world or for which it is not broadcast by the official media – governmental, economic and commercial; sharing raw music and news all over the world.

– sharing personal creativity; reflections in a musical environment; interpretations or fairy tales; children’s stories, great people, their parents and relatives.

– Sharing book titles reflection on printed publications; ads for own products, artworks.

– scheduling of meetings, organizational issues.

– for invitations to group conversation, via LIVE Communicator or via other Internet applications.


Initially, radio-TV programs offer no economic benefit. Participation is voluntary, and correspondents separate from their time without expecting to redeem the products except by using ARHEA-ORG.EU/ARM as a reference to their products. It is not forbidden, encouraging the option ARHEA-ORG.EU/ARM to be a reference to own (external) pages, titles, commercial products, personal creativity.

However. Payment at a later stage will take place with full transparency on the programming time of the audience and the attraction of visitors. That is, more visitors – bring more real revenue from the user to the user. Revenue on the other hand will be in line with local taxes and bank transfer or electronic money transfers to e-commerce (so there will be no problem on the part of the state authorities and institutions).


The team of ARHEA-ORG.EU/ARM consists of people of different ages, the goal being our good experience in the Internet.

The activity of ARHEA-ORG.EU/ARM is not limited solely to the Internet, so the products of ARHEA-ORG.EU will be visible and available through the Internet but do not depend creatively on it.

We are assembled into a team of psychologists, system security operators, public observers and correspondents, designers, mediators, discoverers, scientists (of a new type), creators.

All this, you will be able to find on the pages of ARHEA-ORG.EU

Expanding the activity of ARHEA-ORG.EU/ARM concerns the coming of a new world. Each of you will have its place in it. For this purpose ARHEA-ORG.EU invites you to be the first or discoverer, capable of making it possible for each one of us to embrace this world and to do so immediately today.


We all do this world.


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ARHEA-ORG.EU – 2017, 2018

През 2018 година, се търсят кореспонденти от цял свят от петте континента – САЩ, Южна Америка, Северна Америка, Австралия, Европейски съюз, Евразийски съюз републиките, Индокитай и Япония, Балкански полуостров – Румъния, Сърбия, Македония, Гърция, Турция; Хърватско, Чехия, Унгария, Испания, Франция, Великобритания, Белгия и Люксенбург, Скандинавия и Финландия, Швейцария и Монако; Беларус и Молдова, Бесарабия, други.

За който има интерес към програмната схема.

Ограничения за използването на роден език – няма. На кореспондентите, се предоставя достъп до медията на ARHEA-ORG.EU/ARM радио и телевизия. На кореспондентите, се предоставя достъп до сайта на ARHEA-ORG.EU за тематично творчество от цял свят – ограничение при използването на майчин език – няма.

При желание, от страна на кореспондентите по света (без ограничение при използването на майчин език), на тях им се изпращат данни за конфигурация на телевизионните и радио-сървъри в мрежата на Интернет.

При използване на телевизионната мрежа, на кореспондентите им се предоставят два вида безплатни енкодери (тук за сваляне), чрез които след настройка ще могат да излъчват телевизионен и видео сигнал в Ustream Юстрийм / (още…)